“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
—Frank Zappa

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The ACT Model.

Pickslyde is staunchly science-based in our suggestions, and deeply committed to improving quality of life for people. We think there’s a balance between businesses thriving and people succeeding. We believe there’s a balance between the science and the art of work. We also believe that there is something extremely important in the ability to find balance in things that sometimes conflict.

ACT is a really neat balancing act in itself. Acceptance and Commitment Training asks folks to learn to accept some things as they are, while committing to change other things in order to lead to valuable outcomes.

ACT comes from an area of natural science that studies human behavior. Our scientific tradition is over 60 years old, and completely rejects the hocus pocus found in some psychology ideas. ACT has been shown to be effective in changing many important behaviors, and experimental research shows ACT has helped people with lots of different behavioral health problems. It has also been effectively applied to the workplace. ACT interventions have been shown to reduce work stress, increase innovative creativity, and facilitate the use of newly trained procedures. Remarkably, sales managers who have been trained in ACT actually had their supervisees sell more!

ACT works on the simple premise that when people learn to be more mindful and “in-the-moment,” those people are better able to deal with their own self-imposed obstacles and commit to doing what is really important to them and the people around them. People become more “behaviorally flexible,” meaning that they are able to clarify what they truly value in life and then deal with their distracting emotions and thoughts while committing to vital, goal-directed action patterns.

Our model takes this basic premise, which has brought health and strength into the lives of many people, and helps people find motivation, vitality and direction in their occupation. Channeled correctly we believe the human spirit can accomplish great things. We also believe that people can achieve great things while creating a full and abundant life.

Pickslyde methods were developed and reviewed by board certified practitioners and world-renowned professors. Our founder, DJ Moran, has collaborated with leading thinkers in behavior science to crystallize the most impactful interventions for the workplace.



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