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“D. J. Moran is bringing transformational ideas to safety, leadership, sales, and innovation. Business success is ultimately about people: what motivates them and what gets in their way. We have learned a lot about that in the abstract but D. J. makes it practical in the real world.” —Steven C. Hayes, inventor of the ACT Model

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Pickslyde Delivers.

Performance. Confidence. Evidence.

Pickslyde consultants utilize the latest behavioral research to teach professionals how to accelerate work performance, increase safety behaviors, improve organizational innovation, and hone leadership and management skills. Our professionals have a legacy of helping secure the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award from the American Psychological Association, and will use evidence-based consultation to improve important work culture and work practices for measurable results.

Founded by Dr. Daniel J. Moran, Pickslyde puts science-based interventions into the hands of leaders and organizers to help them create world-class business practices, while putting a stop to the opinion-based “guru” approach used by so many other consulting agencies.  Even for leaders who believe that business is more “art” than science, Pickslyde uses an evidence-based approach to create a very artful and interesting package for 21st century visionaries.

Pickslyde’s method comes from an intersection of two traditions. Our practices are informed by decades of behavioral research done by scientists who constantly say “show me the data” whenever someone insists that a certain practice works. Our consultations are also influenced by a very humanistic tradition which uplifts and supports an interactive, genuine, and person-based community. That combination of discipline and humanism is embodied in the scientific approach called ACT, which stands for Acceptance and Commitment Training. ACT training has well-controlled scientific studies showing impressive results when measuring dollars and cents. The research on our integrated technology shows effective results in the laboratory, in changing behavior, and most importantly, in positively influencing industries like yours.

All the research and supportive studies inspire us to make the Pickslyde Promise:

• All Pickslyde presentations will include interventions that have been empirically supported.

• All observations will use objective measures.

• All written consultations will use footnotes and citations pointing back to the original scientific studies, so our clients know our consultation is not based on opinion, but on evidence-based technologies and approaches.

We urge you to learn more about letting Pickslyde change the tone and the tempo of your organization’s work practices… we believe that the evidence will be on your side.



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