“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”
—Albert Einstein

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Philosophy of Pickslyde.

Pickslyde brings a fresh perspective to each company’s challenges. Whether aiming to increase sales or decrease safety concerns, our professionals create solutions from successful working platforms. Our suggestions always come from solidly researched principles about human performance and occupational systems.

We believe companies that do not use behavioral science to achieve their objectives are at a significant disadvantage. We also believe it is our duty to make leaders and managers fully understand the basic ways to apply behavior science. Further, we believe we can attain this goal in a fun and interesting manner.

Here are three reasons we believe companies should use Pickslyde services:

1. Our number one aim is to develop durable, workable solutions to improve your company’s business goals through accelerating the competence and performance of your people.

2. One of the most revered and famous behavior scientists once said: “A culture that is not willing to accept scientific advances made in the understanding of human behavior will eventually be replaced by one that is.” Businesses have a work culture. If yours doesn’t utilize scientific advances to change important behaviors, your business will be replaced by another business that does!

3. Your customers and employees will thank you. Pickslyde aims for positive, win-win-win outcomes for everyone involved.




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