“…managers trained in ACT made statistically significantly more money…”

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Over a decade of research shows that ACT has been shown to increase psychological flexibility and when that is increased, lots of really excellent skills start improving and developing. Job performance is augmented through ACT training, and a purposeful and focused workforce can be the result of Pickslyde Consulting training your sales staff. Our basic approach has been shown to increase job satisfaction and better adoption of newly trained skills. But more importantly, it also enhances competence in targeted work skills.

Here is one stunning example on how ACT training has increased sales and affected a company’s bottom line:

A banking group in the UK wanted to improve the sales of commodities traders. One group of managers of these traders was given ACT training. Another group of managers was trained in sales protocol. Results from this controlled experiment demonstrate that the traders who had managers trained in ACT made statistically significantly more money than the other group. The principles of this type of training are the core of Pickslyde Consulting methods. Put the power of behavioral science to work for your sales team.




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