“Dr. Moran describes his model in clear terms using highly original illustrations and well-placed humor. Maintaining attention is not a problem for workshop attendees. His presentation is extremely well thought-out and interspersed with meaningful exercises.” —Mardi Wunderlich, L.C.S.W., C.A.D.C.

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 Dr. D.J. Moran

“See something no one else sees… and then show everyone.”

As a scientist and businessman, I’ve been successfully using that phrase to motivate my students, clients, and consulting colleagues, and they have profited from it. That phrase is not only the heart of science and business, but in my opinion, one of the vital aspects of living a full life. It is the fundamental nature of having ‘vision’ and even more importantly, drives home the importance of following through on your foresight.

People typically seek out my services because I earned a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology and because I am board certified in my specialty. I believe they stay with my company’s services because our excellent methods of engineering performance show solid results, and because we do this work in a fun, interesting way… and we aim to actually have an impact on work and the work culture. Not just in our clients’ businesses, but worldwide.

My work has been positively reviewed by people I admire, by my peers, and by my clients. I have earned awards for my work and have held elected positions and appointed offices in international organizations. But I am most proud of working for many years in a charitable organization giving free or low-cost services to the less fortunate.  I’ve witnessed firsthand the massive impact of applied behavioral science on human behavior. When done with the right sophistication, it leads to awe-inspiring results: people start living psychologically flexible, value-directed lives. Pickslyde Consulting will maintain the spirit of giving time and resources to charitable endeavors, while promoting another larger vision: leading awe-inspiring results in the workplace. We believe we can help more people have vital, flexible lives if we can work with companies who share that vision. Research data strongly point to psychological flexibility having a major impact on important health measures, and also having a great impact on occupational measures! Pickslyde Consulting has developed a thorough program of delivering the training and follow-up procedures to put those benefits in place in your company.

I’ve been surrounded by people my whole life who demanded to see measurable results, whether on the construction site, in school, or in business endeavors. My choice to enter psychology was met with raised eyebrows.  So I promised to practice the kind of psychology that showed provable outcomes. I’ve combined the natural science of behavior analysis with the practice of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Both psychological approaches are rooted in principles with decades of research showing their worth to the business world.



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