Audio Recordings

Simple, brief instructions.  Mostly silent with timing bells.

logo-image 1 Minute Mindfulness Exercise


logo-image 2 Minute Mindfulness Exercise


logo-image 5 Minute Mindfulness Exercise


logo-image10 Minute Mindfulness Exercise


Guided meditations

logo-image5 Minute Mindfulness Exercise by Padraig O’Morain



Classic 12 Minute Mindfulness Training by Alan Watts. This is great for a one-time introduction to mindfulness.



12 Minute Breath, Sound, and Body Meditation from the UCLA Meditation Lab.  Other free mp3s are available here.



Observe & Describe 10 Minute Exercise by Matt Boone.



Mindfulness Thinking Exercise by Matt Boone.



Leaves on a Stream Exercise by Matt Boone.  More of his mindfulness exercises can be found here.



White Papers

logo-image21st Century Behavior-Based Safety (white paper)


logo-imageOptimizing Performance & Reducing Stress for Healthcare Professionals (white paper)


Published Articles

logo-imageACT for Leadership: Using Acceptance and Commitment Training to Develop Crisis-Resilient Change Managers (article)


Acceptance and Commitment Training in the workplace (article)logo-image


Additional Materials


THE EXAAQT (questionnaire)


logo-image21st Century Behavior-Based Safety checklist example (checklist)



The Mindful Action Plan – The MAP