“Goodness is the only investment that never fails.”
—Henry David Thoreau

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The Eleven Percent Endeavor:
Pickslyde Consulting’s Charity Strategy.

The best-selling book in the history of humankind says it’s a good idea to give 10% of profits to charity. And at Pickslyde, we believe if 10% is a good idea, 1% more is an even better idea.

Eleven percent of the first proceeds of earnings at Pickslyde Consulting go directly to organizations dedicated to improving our communities.

For 2015, Pickslyde chooses the following charitable organizations and the following fund distribution:

2% goes to United Way

2% goes to non-profit autism treatment centers

2% goes to the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust

5% goes to a great organization that our clients and consultants can agree is worthy by serving the community-at-large.

In 2015, Pickslyde will also give a fraction of profits to Team World Vision.

Why does Pickslyde make a point about giving to charity? Pickslyde’s founder has spent over 5 years as the director of a non-profit community mental health center. Such charitable service providers are critical to the proper functioning of all communities, and we want to make sure those services have the resources they need to continue doing what people need.

As you begin to understand the Pickslyde methods of improving work performance, you’ll learn the essential ingredient to maintaining motivation: value-directed behavior. When people can articulate WHY they care about doing something, they are better at figuring out HOW to do it, and to commit to doing it… Pickslyde is motivated to provide our customers the pinnacle of consulting performance because we care about our clients, and we like to see improved work performance.  At the same time, we want to be a successful company because our success leads to the success of our charities. Feel free to let your consultant know what charities you care about.




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